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Social media has witnessed amazing growth in the number of users worldwide and the numbers are only growing at unthinkable speeds even as you read this. That’s the power of social media!

Posts on products are the most trending types of content pieces when it comes to engaging users. Well, that’s good news for marketers looking to promote their offerings to the target audience!

So, how do you tap the potential of social media channels to engage a huge audience at much lower costs?

Having a thorough knowledge of the essentials of social media strategy helps.

Go ahead and grab it!

Achieving Your Business Goals with Our Social Media Strategy Workbook

Step-by-Step Approach

Following a step-wise approach works well when you want to implement a social media strategy for your organisation. Upgrowth’s social media strategy workbook outlines the steps you need to take before actually publishing your content on a channel.

Creates a Formal Plan

It takes some understanding of your target audience behaviour to come up with a workable plan for your social media posts. Instead of spending unproductive hours on social media, you can use our social media handbook as a guide to create a plan, follow it, and witness great results.

Choosing Relevant Channels

Not every social media channel will make sense for your line of business. Our strategy workbook helps you position yourself in the most relevant channels to get maximum recognition and visibility.

Building Scalable Strategy

Growth is the order of the day. An effective social media strategy keeps future growth in perspective. Upgrowth’s social media strategy workbook ensures the strategy is scalable to accommodate your business expansion plans in the future.

Outlining Social Media Goals

Whether you have goals in mind or not, the results make all the difference. Refer to the workbook to learn how to set your social media marketing goals whether they relate to increasing sales, building brand awareness, implementing new product/service launches, or building market share.

Defining Target Audiences

Targeted campaigns yield better results than un-targeted campaigns. A fair understanding of demographics, psychographics, and behaviour are essential for identifying your target audience. Our handbook defines all the aspects you need to consider to come up with a targeted social media plan for your business.

Growth areas we evaluate and deliver results


  • Increase your traffic and generate leads
  • Optimize your marketing campaigns
  • Getting traction for new product launches
  • Identifying new customer acquisition channels
  • Converting your social media followers to customers


  • Optimize your onboarding process
  • Automate your onboarding communication campaigns
  • Remove activation bottlenecks
  • Stimulating brand engagement
  • Setting up data-driven marketing


  • Setting customer expectations precisely
  • Conducting accurate retention analysis
  • Using advanced techniques for pulling users back
  • Optimising educational communication to customers
  • Optimising educational communication to customers


  • Using the A/B testing method
  • Increasing your payable customer base
  • Maximising free trial and freemium conversions
  • Engaging your customers and decreasing churn
  • Capturing and measuring the correct metrics like MRR